Who are we:

Aybil was established in 2012 in Istanbul – Turkey, Specialized in commercial and business services. Its founders have long experience in the Turkish market in terms of language proficiency, familiarity with the country's culture and nature, as well as familiarity with all commercial, investment and advisory laws in place that are within our specialization. Through all that time our services were distinctive for our customers who led to facilitate the sourcing operations from Turkey professionally and easily.

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Aybil which is a Turkish company a member of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and has full protection rights. Through its reputation and experience in the Turkish market and its relationships, database and network of contacts with most manufacturers in various fields Which are good sources for the quality and competitive prices Through us and the consulting services we provide in various types of goods and commodities with the required specifications and follow-up our services for the post-sale phase, manufacturing, concluding contracts, packaging, packing, inspection, shipping and export as well as services for logos design, preparing and registering trademarks.





Eng.Mustafa Tarhuni
General Manager of the Aybil Group, with more than twenty years of experience in the field of commercial, establishment and management Companies
Dr.Mohamed Mahmoud
Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Scientific Affairs for the Aybil Group

Work Fields

Spare parts and equipment

Machinery and factories


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